Network Parameter Conversion

S-parameters; T, Y, Z, ABCD, hybrid, and hybrid-g parameters; common-mode, cross-mode, and differential-mode S-parameters


sparameters Create S-parameter object
yparameters Create Y-parameter object
zparameters Create Z-parameter object
abcdparameters Create ABCD parameter object
gparameters Create hybrid-g parameter object
hparameters Create hybrid parameter object
tparameters Create T-parameter object
newref Change reference impedance of S-parameters
abcd2h Convert ABCD-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
abcd2s Convert ABCD-parameters to S-parameters
abcd2y Convert ABCD-parameters to Y-parameters
abcd2z Convert ABCD-parameters to Z-parameters
g2h Convert hybrid g-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
h2abcd Convert hybrid h-parameters to ABCD-parameters
h2g Convert hybrid h-parameters to hybrid g-parameters
h2s Convert hybrid h-parameters to S-parameters
h2y Convert hybrid h-parameters to Y-parameters
h2z Convert hybrid h-parameters to Z-parameters
rlgc2s Convert RLGC transmission line parameters to S-parameters
s2abcd Convert S-parameters to ABCD-parameters
s2h Convert S-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
s2s Convert S-parameters to S-parameters with different impedance
s2scc Convert single-ended S-parameters to common-mode S-parameters (Scc)
s2scd Convert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Scd)
s2sdc Convert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, cross-mode S-parameters (Sdc)
s2sdd Convert 4-port, single-ended S-parameters to 2-port, differential-mode S-parameters (Sdd)
s2smm Convert single-ended S-parameters to mixed-mode S-parameters
s2rlgc Convert S-parameters to RLGC transmission line parameters
s2t Convert S-parameters to T-parameters
s2y Convert S-parameters to Y-parameters
s2z Convert S-parameters to Z-parameters
smm2s Convert mixed-mode 2N-port S-parameters to single-ended 4N-port S-parameters
snp2smp Convert and reorder single-ended N-port S-parameters to single-ended M-port S-parameters
t2s Convert T-parameters to S-parameters
y2abcd Convert Y-parameters to ABCD-parameters
y2h Convert Y-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
y2s Convert Y-parameters to S-parameters
y2z Convert Y-parameters to Z-parameters
z2abcd Convert Z-parameters to ABCD-parameters
z2h Convert Z-parameters to hybrid h-parameters
z2s Convert Z-parameters to S-parameters
z2y Convert Z-parameters to Y-parameters

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