Change reference impedance of S-parameters




hs2 = newref(hs,Z0) creates an S-parameter object, hs2, by converting the S-parameters in hs to the specified reference impedance, Z0.


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Change reference impedance of S-parameters

Create an S-parameters object from data in the file, default.s2p.

hs = sparameters('default.s2p');

Change the reference impedance to 40 ohms.

hs2 = newref(hs,40);

Input Arguments

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hs — S-parametersnetwork parameter object

S-parameters, specified as an RF Toolbox™ network parameter object. To create this type of object, use the sparameters function.

Z0 — Reference impedancereal positive scalar

Characteristic impedance, in ohms, specified as a real positive scalar.

Output Arguments

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hs2 — S-parametersnetwork parameter object

S-parameters with reference impedance Z0, returned as an RF Toolbox network parameter object.

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