Summarize mixer configurations and spur-free-zone information for a multiband transmitter or receiver




report(hif) displays a summary at the command line of the information contained in the OpenIF object hif. The summary contains:

  • The IF location.

  • The properties of each mixer, including the RF center frequencies, bandwidths, mixing types, and intermodulation tables.

  • The spur-free zones.

Each spur-free zone is a range of IF center frequencies. An IF signal centered in this range does not generate interference in any transmission or reception bands.

Input Arguments

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hif — IF planning objectOpenIF object

Intermediate frequency planning object, specified as OpenIF object.


  • The getSpurFreeZoneData returns the endpoints of the spur-free zones in a matrix.

  • The show method generates an interactive spur graph that shows spurious regions and spur-free zones.


For an IF-planning example using an OpenIF object, see the examples section of the OpenIF class reference page.

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