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RF Analysis

Reflection coefficients, de-embedding, transfer functions, rational function fitting, VSWR, stability factors, passivity

RF Toolbox™ functions enable you to calculate input and output reflection coefficients, compute stability factors, de-embed S-parameters and perform other RF analysis tasks. You can also perform noise figure calculations and find third-order intercept points for cascaded networks.

To compute transfer functions and fit the transfer function to closed form, use rationalfit. Then use this result to model single-ended and differential high-speed transmission lines.

You can also perform budget analysis of RF networks using RF Budget Analyzer.


RF Budget Analyzer Analyze gain, noise figure, and IP3 of cascaded RF elements and export to RF Blockset


gamma2z Convert reflection coefficient to impedance
gammain Input reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammaml Load reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammaout Output reflection coefficient of 2-port network
gammams Source reflection coefficient of 2-port network
z2gamma Convert impedance to reflection coefficient
sparameters S-parameter object
deembedsparams De-embed 2N-port S-parameters
s2tf Convert S-parameters of 2-port network to voltage or power-wave transfer function
powergain Power gain of 2-port network
rationalfit Approximate data using stable rational function object
freqresp Frequency response of rational function object
impulse Impulse response for rational function object
stepresp Step-signal response of rational function object
timeresp Time response for rational function object
vswr VSWR at given reflection coefficient Γ
groupdelay Group delay of s-parameter object or RF Toolbox network object
stabilityk Stability factor K of 2-port network
stabilitymu Stability factor μ of 2-port network
ispassive Check passivity of N-port S-parameters
makepassive Make N-port S-parameters passive
rfmodel.rational.ispassive Check passivity of scalar rational function object
analyze Analyze circuit object in frequency domain
rfinterp1 Interpolate network parameter data at new frequencies
calculate Calculate specified parameters for circuit object
extract Extract array of network parameters from data object
rftool Open RF Analysis Tool (RF Tool)


OpenIF Find open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture
rfmodel.rational Rational function object
rfbudget Create RF budget object and compute RF budget results


Model RF Objects Using Verilog-A

Describes Verilog-A, the type of model you can export, and what you can do with the exported model.

Analyze Circuits

Describes setting parameters for circuit analysis and perform the analysis.

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