IntpType property

Class: rfckt.amplifier
Package: rfckt

Interpolation method


'Linear' (default), 'Spline', or 'Cubic'


The analyze method is flexible in that it does not require the frequencies of the specified S-parameters to match the requested analysis frequencies. If needed, analyze applies the interpolation and extrapolation method specified in the IntpType property to the specified data to create a new set of data at the requested analysis frequencies. The following table lists the available interpolation methods and describes each one.

Linear (default)Linear interpolation
SplineCubic spline interpolation
CubicPiecewise cubic Hermite interpolation


amp = rfckt.amplifier;
amp.IntpType = 'cubic'

amp =
             Name: 'Amplifier'
             nPort: 2
             AnalyzedResult: [1x1]
             IntpType: 'Cubic'
             NetworkData: [1x1]
             NoiseData: [1x1 rfdata.noise]
             NonlinearData: [1x1 rfdata.power]
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