AnalyzedResult property

Class: rfckt.shuntrlc
Package: rfckt

Computed S-parameters, noise figure, OIP3, and group delay values

Values object


Handle to an object that contains the S-parameters, noise figure, OIP3, and group delay values computed over the specified frequency range using the analyze method. This property is empty by default.

The analyze method computes the S-parameters of the AnalyzedResult property using the data stored in the rfckt.shuntrlc object properties by first calculating the ABCD-parameters for the circuit, and then converting the ABCD-parameters to S-parameters using the abcd2s function. For this circuit, A = 1, B = 0, C = Y, and D = 1, where


and ω = 2πf.

The analyze method uses the S-parameters to calculate the group delay values at the frequencies specified in the analyze input argument freq, as described in the analyze reference page.


rlc1 = rfckt.shuntrlc;

ans =
            Name: 'Data object'
            Freq: [3x1 double]
            S_Parameters: [2x2x3 double]
            GroupDelay: [3x1 double]
            NF: [3x1 double]
            OIP3: [3x1 double]
            Z0: 50
            ZS: 50
            ZL: 50
            IntpType: 'Linear'
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