S_Parameters property

Class: rfdata.data
Package: rfdata

S-parameter data



2-by-2-by-M array of S-parameters of the circuit described by the rfdata.data object, where M is the number of frequencies at which the network parameters are specified. The values correspond to the frequencies stored in the Freq property. This property is empty by default.


s_vec(:,:,1) = ...
    [-0.724725-0.481324i, -0.685727+1.782660i; ...
      0.000000+0.000000i, -0.074122-0.321568i];
s_vec(:,:,2) = ...
    [-0.731774-0.471453i, -0.655990+1.798041i; ...
      0.001399+0.000463i, -0.076091-0.319025i];
s_vec(:,:,3) = ...
    [-0.738760-0.461585i, -0.626185+1.813092i; ...
      0.002733+0.000887i, -0.077999-0.316488i];
txdata = rfdata.data;
txdata.S_Parameters = s_vec;
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