Data property

Class: rfdata.ip3
Package: rfdata

Third-order intercept values




M-element vector of IP3 data, in watts, that corresponds to the frequencies stored in the Freq property. The default is Inf.

    Note:   If you set NonLinearData using rfdata.ip3 or rfdata.power, then the property is converted from scalar OIP3 format to the format of rfdata.ip3 or rfdata.power.


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Data Property of rfdata.ip3 Object

Create rfdata.ip3 object specified at two freqeuncies.

freq = [1e9 2e0];
ip3_vec_dbm = [-5.2 7.1];
ip3_vec_watts = (1e-3)*10.^(ip3_vec_dbm/10); % Convert dbm to watts
ip3data = rfdata.ip3('Type','OIP3','Data',ip3_vec_watts,'Freq',freq)
ip3data = 

   rfdata.ip3 with properties:

    Type: 'OIP3'
    Freq: [2x1 double]
    Data: [2x1 double]
    Name: '3rd order intercept'

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