Check passivity of scalar rational function object


result = ispassive(h)


result = ispassive(h) checks the passivity of the rational function object, h, across all frequencies, and returns result, a logical value. If h is passive, then result is 1. If h is not passive, then result is 0.


Create a scalar rational function object and check the passivity of the object:

% Read a Touchstone data file
ckt = read(rfckt.passive, 'passive.s2p');
% Fit the transfer function into a rational function object
TF = s2tf(ckt.AnalyzedResult.S_Parameters);
TF_Object = rationalfit(ckt.AnalyzedResult.Freq, TF);
% Check the passivity of the rational function object
Is_Passive = ispassive(TF_Object)   
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