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Set terminals of circuit object


  • setterminals(cktobj,cktnodes) example
  • setterminals(cktobj,cktnodes,termnames) example



setterminals(cktobj,cktnodes) defines the nodes in a cktobj as terminals using cktnodes. It then gives the terminals default names.


setterminals(cktobj,cktnodes,termnames) defines the nodes in a cktobj as terminals cktnodes. It then names the terminals using termnames. cktnodes and termnames must be same length.


Create a Circuit and Define Its Nodes as Terminals

Create a circuit names new_circuit1 and a add a resistor and capacitor to it. Set the terminals of this circuit.

hcktnode1 = circuit('new_circuit1');
add(hcktnode1,[1 2],resistor(50))
add(hcktnode1,[2 3],capacitor(1e-9))
setterminals(hcktnode1,[1 3])
   circuit: Circuit element

    ElementNames: {'R'  'C'}
           Nodes: [1 2 3]
            Name: 'new_circuit1'
       Terminals: {'t1'  't2'}

Create a Circuit and Define Its Nodes as Terminals Using Names

Create a circuit and add three resistors to it. Set terminals of the circuit by using (a, b, c) as termnames.

hcktnode2 = circuit('new_circuit2');
add(hcktnode2,[1 2],resistor(50))
add(hcktnode2,[1 3],resistor(50))
add(hcktnode2,[1 4],resistor(50))
setterminals(hcktnode2,[2 3 4],{'a' 'b' 'c'})
    circuit: Circuit element

    ElementNames: {'R'  'R_1'  'R_2'}
           Nodes: [1 2 3 4]
            Name: 'new_circuit2'
       Terminals: {'a'  'b'  'c'}

Add Two Circuits Together

Create two circuits. Set the terminals of the child circuit using the setterminals functions before adding it to the parent circuit. Display both the circuits.

hcktadd1 = circuit('circuit_new1');
add(hcktadd1,[1 2], resistor(100));
setterminals(hcktadd1, [1 2]);
hcktadd2 = circuit('circuit_new2');
add(hcktadd2, [3 4], capacitor(1.5e-9));
setterminals(hcktadd2, [3 4]);
add(hcktadd1, [2 4], hcktadd2);
 circuit: Circuit element

    ElementNames: {'C'}
           Nodes: [3 4]
            Name: 'circuit_new2'
       Terminals: {'t1'  't2'}
     ParentNodes: [2 4]
      ParentPath: 'circuit_new1'

  circuit: Circuit element

    ElementNames: {'R'  'circuit_new2'}
           Nodes: [1 2 4]
            Name: 'circuit_new1'
       Terminals: {'t1'  't2'}

Input Arguments

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cktobj — Circuit objectscalar handle object

Circuit object for which the terminals are defined, specified as a scalar handle object.

cktnodes — Circuit nodesvector of integers

Circuit nodes, used by the function to define the terminals of the circuit, specified as a vector of integers.

termnames — Names cell vector of strings

Names, used to identify the terminals defined for the circuit object, specified as cell vector of strings.

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