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Data object containing analyzed result of specified circuit object


hd = getdata(h)


hd = getdata(h) returns a handle, hd, to the object containing the analysis data, if any, for circuit (rfckt) object h. If there is no analysis data, getdata displays an error message.


Before calling getdata, use the analyze function to perform a frequency domain analysis for the circuit (rfckt) object. Perform this action for all circuit objects except rfckt.amplifier, rfckt.datafile, and rfckt.mixer. When you create an rfckt.amplifier, rfckt.datafile, or rfckt.mixer object by reading data from a file, RF Toolbox™ software automatically creates an object. RF Toolbox stores data from the file as properties of the data object. You can use the getdata function, without first calling analyze, to retrieve the handle of the object.

Introduced before R2006a

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