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Group delay of s-parameter object or RF Toolbox network object


gd = groupdelay(sparamobj)
gd = groupdelay(rfobj,freq)
gd = groupdelay(__,i,j)
gd = groupdelay(__,Name,Value)



gd = groupdelay(sparamobj) calculates the group delay of an S-parameter object at the frequencies specified in the S-parameter object file. sparamobj can be an s-parameters object or a nport object.


gd = groupdelay(rfobj,freq) calculates the group delay of an RF Toolbox™ network object, rfobj, at specified frequencies.

gd = groupdelay(__,i,j) calculates the group delay of a specific Sij. If i, j are not specified, the group delay is calculated for S21 fro two-port objects and S11 for non-two-port objects.

gd = groupdelay(__,Name,Value) calculates the group delay using additional options specified by one or more Name,Value pair arguments. You can use any of the arguments from previous syntaxes.


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Calculate and plot the group delay of an RLC notch filter at a frequency
range from 10 GHz through 1000 GHz frequency.
filt = circuit('notch');
add(filt,[1 2],resistor(200))
add(filt,[1 2],inductor(100e-9))
add(filt,[1 2],capacitor(25e-12))
setports(filt,[1 0],[2 0])
freq = 10e6:10e4:1000e6;
gd1 = groupdelay(filt,freq);

Find and plot the group delay of the file 'defaultbandpass.s2p'.

S = sparameters('defaultbandpass.s2p');
freq = S.Frequencies;
gd2 = groupdelay(S,freq);

Input Arguments

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S-parameter Touchstone data file, specified as object handle. The function uses the data in this file to calculate the group delay.

Example: 'defaultbandpass.s2p'

RF network object, specified as object, of the following types: s-parameters, nport, circuit, and lcladder.

Example: lcladder

Frequencies, specified as a vector of positive real numbers.

Port numbers of s-parameter object or rf object, specified as a scalar integer.

Example: S12

Name-Value Pair Arguments

Example: gd = groupdelay (filter, frequency, 'Aperture', 50)

Optional comma-separated pairs of Name,Value arguments, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name must appear inside single quotes ('').

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Width of two frequency points, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'Aperture' and a real, positive, numerics scalar or vector.

Example: 'Aperture',50

Data Types: double

Impedance of S-parameters, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'Impedance' and a real positive numeric scalar. The default impedance values for different objects are:

  • 50 — LC ladder and circuit objects

  • obj.impedance — S-parameter objects

  • obj.networkdata.impedance — N-port objects

Example: 50

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Group delay, returned as a numeric scalar in seconds.

Introduced in R2015b

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