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The RF Design and Analysis App

What Is the RF Design and Analysis App?

The RF Design and Analysis is an app that provides a visual interface for creating and analyzing RF components and networks. You can use the RF Design and Analysis app as a convenient alternative to the command-line RF circuit design and analysis objects and methods that come with RF Toolbox™ software.

The RF Design and Analysis app provides the ability to

  • Create and import circuits.

  • Set circuit parameters.

  • Analyze circuits.

  • Display circuit S-parameters in tabular form and on X-Y plots, polar plots, and Smith® Charts.

  • Export circuit data to the MATLAB® workspace and to data files.

Open the RF Design and Analysis App

To open the app window, type the following at the MATLAB prompt:


For a description of the RF Design and Analysis user interface , see The RF Design and Analysis Window. To learn how to create and import circuits, see Create and Import Circuits.


The work you do with this app is organized into sessions. Each session is a collection of independent RF circuits, which can be RF components or RF networks. You can save sessions and then load them for later use. For more information, see Working with the RF Design and Analysis App Sessions.

The RF Design and Analysis Window

The app window consists of the following three panes:

  • RF Component List

    Shows the components and networks in the session. The top-level node is the session.

  • Component Parameters

    Displays options and settings pertaining to the node you selected in the RF Component List pane.

  • Analysis

    Displays options and settings pertaining to the circuit analysis and results display. After you analyze the circuit, this pane displays the analysis results and provides an interface for you to view the S-parameter data and modify the displayed plots.

The following figure shows the app window.

The RF Design and Analysis App Workflow

When you analyze a circuit using the app user interface your workflow might include the following tasks:

  1. Build the circuit by

    • Creating RF components and networks.

    • Importing components and networks from the MATLAB workspace or from a data file.

    See Create and Import Circuits.

  2. Specify component data.

    See Modify Component Data.

  3. Analyze the circuit.

    See Analyze Circuits.

  4. Export the circuit to the MATLAB workspace or to a file.

    See Export RF Objects.

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