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RF Model Objects

Overview of RF Model Objects

RF Toolbox™ software uses model (rfmodel) objects to represent components and measured data mathematically for computing information such as time-domain response. Each type of model object uses a different mathematical model to represent the component.

RF model objects provide a high-level component representation for use after you perform detailed analysis using RF circuit objects. Use RF model objects to:

  • Compute time-domain figures of merit for RF components

  • Export Verilog-A models of RF components

Available Model Objects

The following table lists the available rfmodel object constructors and describes the model the corresponding objects use. For more information on a particular object, follow the link in the table to the reference page for that object.




Rational function model

Model Object Methods

The following table lists the methods of the model objects, the types of objects on which each can act, and the purpose of each method.


Types of Objects



All model objects

Compute the frequency response of a model object.


All model objects

Compute the time response of a model object.


All model objects

Write data from a model object to a file.

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