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Convert S-parameters to ABCD-parameters


abcd_params = s2abcd(s_params,z0)


abcd_params = s2abcd(s_params,z0) converts the scattering parameters s_params into the ABCD-parameters abcd_params. The s_params input is a complex 2N-by-2N-by-M array, representing M 2N-port S-parameters. z0 is the reference impedance; its default is 50 ohms. abcd_params is a complex 2N-by-2N-by-M array, representing M 2-port ABCD-parameters. The output ABCD-parameter matrices have distinct A, B, C, and D submatrices:


You can also use network parameter objects to perform network parameter conversions. For more information, see RF Network Parameter Objects.


Convert S-parameters to ABCD-parameters:

%Define a matrix of S-parameters
s_11 = 0.61*exp(j*165/180*pi);
s_21 = 3.72*exp(j*59/180*pi);
s_12 = 0.05*exp(j*42/180*pi);
s_22 = 0.45*exp(j*(-48/180)*pi);
s_params = [s_11 s_12; s_21 s_22];
z0 = 50;
%Convert to ABCD-parameters
abcd_params = s2abcd(s_params,z0)

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