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Compare Concentration Indices for Random Portfolios

This example shows how to simulate random portfolios with different distributions and compare their concentration indices. For illustration purposes, a lognormal and Weibull distribution are used. The distribution parameters are chosen arbitrarily to get a similar range of values for both random portfolios.

Generate random portfolios with different distributions.

rng('default'); % for reproducibility
PLgn = lognrnd(1,1,1,300);
PWbl = wblrnd(2,0.5,1,300);

Display largest simulated loan value.

fprintf('\nLargest loan Lognormal: %g\n',max(PLgn));
fprintf('Largest loan Weibull: %g\n',max(PWbl));
Largest loan Lognormal: 97.3582
Largest loan Weibull: 91.5866

Plot the portfolio histograms.

hold on
hold off
title('Random Loan Histograms')
xlabel('Loan Amount')

Compute and display the concentration measures.

ciLgn = concentrationIndices(PLgn,'ID','Lognormal');
ciWbl = concentrationIndices(PWbl,'ID','Weibull');

ProportionLoans = 0:0.1:1;
area(ProportionLoans',[ciWbl.Deciles; ciLgn.Deciles-ciWbl.Deciles; ProportionLoans-ciLgn.Deciles]')
axis([0 1 0 1])
title('Lorenz Curve (by Deciles)')
xlabel('Proportion of Loans')
ylabel('Proportion of Value')
        ID            CR          Deciles        Gini         HH          HK           HT          TE   
    ___________    ________    _____________    _______    ________    _________    _________    _______

    "Lognormal"    0.066363    [1x11 double]     0.5686    0.013298    0.0045765    0.0077267    0.66735
    "Weibull"      0.090152    [1x11 double]    0.72876    0.020197    0.0062594     0.012289     1.0944

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