Tuning Gain-Scheduled Controllers

Tune gain-scheduled controllers for nonlinear plants

A gain-scheduled controller is a controller whose gains are automatically adjusted as a function of time, operating condition, or plant parameters. Gain scheduling is a common strategy for controlling systems whose dynamics change with time or operating condition. Such systems include linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems and large classes of nonlinear systems. To tune gain-scheduled controllers in MATLAB® or Simulink®, you represent the variable gain as a function of the scheduling variables using the tunableSurface command. For an overview of the workflow for tuning gain-scheduled controllers, see Tune Gain-Scheduled Controllers.


Parametrize Scheduled Gain

tunableSurface Create tunable gain surface for gain scheduling
polyBasis Polynomial basis functions for tunable gain surface
fourierBasis Fourier basis functions for tunable gain surface
ndBasis Basis functions for tunable gain surface
viewSurf Visualize gain surface as a function of scheduling variables
evalSurf Evaluate gain surfaces at specific design points
getData Get current values of tunable-surface coefficients
setData Set values of tunable-surface coefficients

Control System Tuning

systune Tune fixed-structure control systems modeled in MATLAB
slTuner Interface for control system tuning of Simulink models
systune (slTuner) Tune control system parameters in Simulink using slTuner interface
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