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Robust Control Toolbox Product Description

Design robust controllers for uncertain plants

Robust Control Toolbox™ provides functions and blocks for analyzing and tuning control systems for performance and robustness in the presence of plant uncertainty. You can create uncertain models by combining nominal dynamics with uncertain elements, such as uncertain parameters or unmodeled dynamics. You can analyze the impact of plant model uncertainty on control system performance, and identify worst-case combinations of uncertain elements. H-infinity and mu-synthesis techniques let you design controllers that maximize robust stability and performance.

The toolbox automatically tunes both SISO and MIMO controllers for plant models with uncertainty. Controllers can include decentralized, fixed-structure controllers with multiple tunable blocks spanning multiple feedback loops.

Key Features

  • Modeling of systems with uncertain parameters or neglected dynamics

  • Worst-case stability and performance analysis

  • Automatic tuning of SISO and MIMO control systems for uncertain plants

  • Robustness analysis and controller tuning in Simulink®

  • H-infinity and mu-synthesis algorithms

  • General-purpose LMI solvers

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