LMI Solvers

Feasibility, minimization of linear objectives, eigenvalue minimization


getlmis Internal description of LMI system
lmiedit Specify or display systems of LMIs as MATLAB expressions
lmiterm Specify term content of LMIs
lmivar Specify matrix variables in LMI problem
newlmi Attach identifying tag to LMIs
setlmis Initialize description of LMI system
dellmi Remove LMI from system of LMIs
delmvar Remove one matrix variable from LMI problem
setmvar Instantiate matrix variable and evaluate all LMI terms involving this matrix variable
dec2mat Given values of decision variables, derive corresponding values of matrix variables
decinfo Describe how entries of matrix variable X relate to decision variables
decnbr Total number of decision variables in system of LMIs
lmiinfo Information about variables and term content of LMIs
lminbr Return number of LMIs in LMI system
mat2dec Extract vector of decision variables from matrix variable values
matnbr Number of matrix variables in system of LMIs
defcx Help specify cTx objectives for mincx solver
feasp Compute solution to given system of LMIs
gevp Generalized eigenvalue minimization under LMI constraints
mincx Minimize linear objective under LMI constraints
evallmi Given particular instance of decision variables, evaluate all variable terms in system of LMIs
showlmi Return left and right sides of LMI after evaluation of all variable terms
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