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Loop-Shaping Synthesis

Shape open-loop frequency response of MIMO feedback control system


loopsyn H∞ optimal controller synthesis for LTI plant
mixsyn H∞ mixed-sensitivity synthesis method for robust control loopshaping design
ncfsyn Loop shaping design using Glover-McFarlane method


Tradeoff Between Performance and Robustness

Plant model uncertainty can be a fundamental limiting factor in determining what can be achieved with feedback.

Typical Loop Shapes, S and T Design

To quantify the multivariable stability margins and performance of a system, use the singular values of the closed-loop transfer functions of the system.

Loop-Shaping Controller Design

In loop-shaping controller synthesis, you specify the shape of the open-loop response you want, and use loopsyn to compute a controller that approximates that shape.

Loop-Shaping Control Design of Aircraft Model

This example shows how to use loopsyn to address robustness and performance tradeoffs.

Fine-Tuning the Target Loop Shape to Meet Design Goals

When the initial results from loopsyn are not satisfactory, refine the target loop shape.

Mixed-Sensitivity Loop Shaping

Mixed-sensitivity loop shaping combines performance and stability robustness specifications into one cost function that penalized both sensitivity and complementary sensitivity.

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