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Mu Synthesis

MIMO controller synthesis for uncertain systems


dksyn Robust controller design using µ-synthesis
dksynperf Robust H∞ performance optimized by dksyn
dksynOptions Set options for dksyn
cmsclsyn Approximately solve constant-matrix, upper bound µ-synthesis problem
drawmag Mouse-based tool for sketching and fitting
fitfrd Fit frequency response data with state-space model
fitmagfrd Fit frequency response magnitude data with minimum-phase state-space model using log-Chebyshev magnitude design
genphase Fit single-input/single-output magnitude data with real, rational, minimum-phase transfer function


Robust Control of an Active Suspension

In this example, use H synthesis to design a controller for a nominal plant model. Then, use μ synthesis to design a robust controller that accounts for uncertainty in the model.

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