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Parameter-Dependent Systems

Analyze parameter-dependent systems


aff2polConvert affine parameter-dependent models to polytopic models
decayQuadratic decay rate of polytopic or affine P-systems
ispsysTrue for parameter-dependent systems
pdlstabAssess robust stability of polytopic or parameter-dependent system
pdsimulTime response of parameter-dependent system along given parameter trajectory
polydecCompute polytopic coordinates with respect to box corners
psinfoInquire about polytopic or parameter-dependent systems created with psys
psysSpecify polytopic or parameter-dependent linear systems
pvecSpecify range and rate of variation of uncertain or time-varying parameters
pvinfoDescribe parameter vector specified with pvec
quadperfCompute quadratic H∞ performance of polytopic or parameter-dependent system
quadstabQuadratic stability of polytopic or affine parameter-dependent systems
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