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Helper function for complexify


DeltaR = icomplexify(DeltaCR)


icomplexify works on structures to extract a real value from a pair of related fields.

DeltaR = icomplexify(DeltaCR) affects field pairs of DeltaCR named 'foo' and 'foo_cmpxfy' where 'foo' can be any field name. DeltaR is the same as DeltaCR except that the fields 'foo_cmpxfy' are removed. complexify, by default, complexifies the real uncertainty with ucomplex atoms, though optionally ultidyn atoms can be used. If a ucomplex uncertainty was used to complexify the uncertain system, the real parts of 'foo_cmpxfy' are added to the real parts of 'foo'. If a ultidyn uncertainty was used to complexify the uncertain system, only the real parts of 'foo' are returned.

Introduced in R2007a

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