Convert value for atom in normalized coordinates to corresponding actual value


avalue = normalized2actual(A,NV)


Converts a normalized value NV of a atom to its corresponding actual (unnormalized) value.

If NV is an array of values, then avalue will be an array of the same dimension.


Create uncertain real parameters with a range that is symmetric about the nominal value, where each endpoint is 1 unit from the nominal. Points that lie inside the range are less than 1 unit from the nominal, while points that lie outside the range are greater than 1 unit from the nominal.

a = ureal('a',3,'range',[1 5]); 
actual2normalized(a,[1 3 5]) 
ans = 
   -1.0000   -0.0000    1.0000 
normalized2actual(a,[-1 1]) 
ans = 
   1.0000    5.0000 
normalized2actual(a,[-1.5 1.5]) 
ans = 
   0.0000    6.0000 
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