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Time response of parameter-dependent system along given parameter trajectory



[t,x,y] = pdsimul(pds,pv,'traj',tf,'ut',xi,options)


pdsimul simulates the time response of an affine parameter-dependent system

E(p) = A(p)x + B(p)u

       y = C(p)x + D(p)u

along a parameter trajectory p(t) and for an input signal u(t). The parameter trajectory and input signals are specified by two time functions p=traj(t) and u=ut(t). If 'ut' is omitted, the response to a step input is computed by default.

The affine system pds is specified with psys. The function pdsimul also accepts the polytopic representation of such systems as returned by aff2pol(pds) or hinfgs. The final time and initial state vector can be reset through tf and xi (their respective default values are 5 seconds and 0). Finally, options gives access to the parameters controlling the ODE integration (type help gear for details).

When invoked without output arguments, pdsimul plots the output trajectories y(t). Otherwise, it returns the vector of integration time points t as well as the state and output trajectories x,y.

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Introduced before R2006a

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