Describe parameter vector specified with pvec


[typ,k,nv] = pvinfo(pv)
[pmin,pmax,dpmin,dpmax] = pvinfo(pv,'par',j)
vj = pvinfo(pv,'par',j)
p = pvinfo(pv,'eval',c)


pvinfo retrieves information about a vector p = (p1, . . ., pn) of real parameters declared with pvec and stored in pv. The command pvinfo(pv) displays the type of parameter vector ('box' or 'pol'), the number n of scalar parameters, and for the type 'pol', the number of vertices used to specify the parameter range.

For the type 'box':

[pmin,pmax,dpmin,dpmax] = pvinfo(pv,'par',j)

returns the bounds on the value and rate of variations of the j-th real parameter pj. Specifically,


For the type 'pol':


returns the j-th vertex of the polytope of Rn in which p ranges, while


returns the value of the parameter vector p given its barycentric coordinates c with respect to the polytope vertices (V1, . . .,Vk). The vector c must be of length k and have nonnegative entries. The corresponding value of p is then given by


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