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Create Uncertain LTI Dynamics

You can create a 1-by-1 (scalar) positive-real uncertain linear dynamics element, whose frequency response always has real part greater than -0.5. Set the SampleStateDim property to 5. View the properties, and plot a Nyquist plot of 30 instances of the element.

g = ultidyn('g',[1 1],'Type','Positivereal','Bound',-0.5);
g.SampleStateDim = 5;
              Type: 'PositiveReal'
             Bound: -0.5000
    SampleStateDim: 5
      NominalValue: [1x1 ss]
      AutoSimplify: 'basic'
                Ts: 0
          TimeUnit: 'seconds'
         InputName: {''}
         InputUnit: {''}
        InputGroup: [1x1 struct]
        OutputName: {''}
        OutputUnit: {''}
       OutputGroup: [1x1 struct]
              Name: 'g'
             Notes: {}
          UserData: []

xlim([-2 10])
ylim([-6 6]);

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