Uncertain Matrices

Uncertain matrices (class umat) are built from doubles and uncertain elements, using traditional MATLAB® matrix building syntax. Uncertain matrices can be added, subtracted, multiplied, inverted, transposed, etc., resulting in uncertain matrices. The rows and columns of an uncertain matrix are referenced in the same manner that MATLAB references rows and columns of an array, using parenthesis, and integer indices. The NominalValue of a uncertain matrix is the result obtained when all uncertain elements are replaced with their own NominalValue. The uncertain elements making up a umat are accessible through the Uncertainty gateway, and the properties of each element within a umat can be changed directly.

Using usubs, specific values may be substituted for any of the uncertain elements within a umat. The command usample generates a random sample of the uncertain matrix, substituting random samples (within their ranges) for each of the uncertain elements.

The command wcnorm computes tight bounds on the worst-case (maximum over the uncertain elements' ranges) norm of the uncertain matrix.

Standard MATLAB numerical matrices (i.e., double) naturally can be viewed as uncertain matrices without any uncertainty.

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