Uncertain Models

Uncertain state-space and frequency response models


ureal Create uncertain real parameter
umat Create uncertain matrix
ucomplex Create uncertain complex parameter
ucomplexm Create uncertain complex matrix
ultidyn Create uncertain linear time-invariant object
uss Specify uncertain state-space models or convert LTI model to uncertain state-space model
ufrd Uncertain frequency response data model
randatom Generate random uncertain atom objects
randumat Generate random uncertain umat objects
randuss Generate stable, random uss objects
getNominal Nominal value of uncertain model
actual2normalized Transform actual values to normalized values
normalized2actual Convert value for atom in normalized coordinates to corresponding actual value
simplify Simplify representation of uncertain object
isuncertain Check whether argument is uncertain class type
lftdata Decompose uncertain objects into fixed normalized and fixed uncertain parts
ltiarray2uss Compute uncertain system bounding given LTI ss array
ucover Fit an uncertain model to set of LTI responses
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