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Uncertainty Analysis with Simulink Models

Simulate uncertainty effects, compute stability margins


ufindFind uncertain variables in Simulink model
ulinearizeLinearize Simulink model with Uncertain State Space block
usampleGenerate random samples of uncertain variables in a Simulink model
loopmarginStability margin analysis of LTI and Simulink feedback loops


Uncertain State SpaceSpecify uncertain system in Simulink
MultiPlot GraphPlot multiple signals

Examples and How To

Specify Uncertainty Using Uncertain State Space Blocks

Use the Uncertain State Space block to represent uncertain elements in a Simulink® model.

Simulate Uncertainty Effects

Simulate uncertain systems using nominal values or samples within the uncertainty range.

Vary Uncertainty Values Using Individual Uncertain State Space Blocks

For simple models with few uncertain variables, you can vary uncertainty values on a block-by-block basis.

Vary Uncertainty Values Across Multiple Uncertain State Space Blocks

For models with a large number of uncertain variables or multiple Uncertain State Space blocks, you can vary multiple uncertainty values simultaneously.

Stability Margin of a Simulink Model

This example illustrates how to compute the stability margins of the airframemargin model and compare the results with stability margins computed using the linearized model.


Analyzing Uncertainty in Simulink

Robust Control Toolbox™ software provides tools for modeling and analyzing uncertainty in Simulink models.

Analyzing Stability Margin of Simulink Models

Robust Control Toolbox provides the loopmargin command to analyze the stability margins of LTI models created in MATLAB® and Simulink models.

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