Worst-Case Analysis

Worst-case effect of uncertainty on stability, margins, and overshoot


robustperf Robust performance margin of uncertain multivariable system
robuststab Calculate robust stability margins of uncertain multivariable system
wcgain Calculate bounds on worst-case gain of uncertain system
wcgainplot Graphical worst-case gain analysis
wcnorm Worst-case norm of uncertain matrix
wcsens Calculate worst-case sensitivity and complementary sensitivity functions of plant-controller feedback loop
wcmargin Worst-case disk stability margins of uncertain feedback loops
mussv Compute bounds on structured singular value (µ)
mussvextract Extract muinfo structure returned by mussv
popov Perform Popov robust stability test
robustperfOptions Option set for robustperf
robuststabOptions Option set for robuststab
wcgainOptions Option set for wcgain, wcgainplot, wcnorm, or wcsens
wcmarginOptions Option set for wcmargin

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