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Robustness and Worst-Case Analysis

Worst-case effect of uncertainty on stability, margins, and overshoot

A robust control system meets stability and performance requirements for all possible values of uncertain parameters. Although Monte-Carlo parameter sampling can yield a general idea of system performance across all uncertainty ranges, it cannot produce a guaranteed analysis of the worst-case parameter combination. The robustness analysis commands in this category directly calculate the upper and lower bounds on worst-case performance without random sampling. You can also calculate robustness margins that tell you how much variation in uncertain parameters the system can tolerate.


robstabRobust stability of uncertain system
robgainRobust performance of uncertain system
robOptionsOption set for robustness analysis
wcgainWorst-case gain of uncertain system
wcsigmaPlot worst-case gain of uncertain system
wcnormWorst-case norm of uncertain matrix
wcsensCalculate worst-case sensitivity and complementary sensitivity functions of plant-controller feedback loop
wcmarginWorst-case disk stability margins of uncertain feedback loops
wcOptionsOption set for worst-case analysis
mussvCompute bounds on structured singular value (µ)
mussvextractExtract muinfo structure returned by mussv


Robustness and Worst-Case Analysis

Understand the relationships among measures of robust stability, robust performance, and worst-case gain.

Robust Stability and Worst-Case Gain of Uncertain System

Calculate the robust stability and examine the worst-case gain of a closed-loop uncertain system.

Robust Stability, Robust Performance and Mu Analysis

Analyze and quantify the robustness of feedback control systems with uncertainty, and understand the relationship between robustness and the structured singular value, μ.

MIMO Robustness Analysis

Create a MIMO system with parametric uncertainty and analyze it for robust stability and worst-case performance.

Getting Reliable Estimates of Robustness Margins

Systems with only real uncertain parameters can have discontinuities in the structured singular value μ that hide robustness issues.

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