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Create and Format Report Objects

Create and format report objects such as lists, tables, and images

Functions Open generated report file in viewer content to report report template holes Opens the report Close and generate report report template class derived from Report class Generate temporary report file name Get report context value Set report context value Report class definition file location Check if Word report Check if multifile HTML report Check if single-file HTML report Check if PDF report Get implementation of reporter title page title reporter Get title page subtitle reporter title page author reporter Get title page publisher reporter title page publication date reporter Get title page image reporter title page template custom title page reporter class page class definition file location table of contents title reporter Create table of contents section template Create custom table of contents reporter class of contents class definition file location Add section content section numbering Get section title reporter Create custom section reporter class section template class definition file location Create table template Get base table content hole reporter Get base table title reporter Base table class definition file location Create figure template Create custom figure reporter class Figure class definition file location snapshot image path Create formal image template custom formal image reporter class image caption reporter Formal image class definition file location Get formal image reporter Create equation template Create custom equation reporter class Equation class definition file location equation content hole reporter equation image path
mlreportgen.dom.Document.appendAppend DOM or MATLAB object to document
mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph.appendAppend content to paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph.cloneCopy paragraph object
mlreportgen.dom.Document.createAutoNumberStreamCreate numbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getAutoNumberStreamReturn numbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.OrderedList.appendAppend content to ordered list
mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLink.appendAppend custom element to external link
mlreportgen.dom.LinkTarget.appendAppend content to link target
mlreportgen.dom.Table.rowAccess table row
mlreportgen.dom.TableRow.appendAppend content to table row
mlreportgen.dom.Table.entryAccess table entry
mlreportgen.dom.Group.appendAdd DOM object to group
mlreportgen.dom.Document.createTemplateCreate DOM template file
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable.appendFooterRowAppend row to table footer
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable.appendHeaderRowAppend row to table header
mlreportgen.dom.CustomElement.appendAppend HTML content to custom element

Classes Page layout of report Layout for reporter page reporter of contents reporter Chapter reporter Section reporter
mlreportgen.dom.TextText object
mlreportgen.dom.ParagraphFormatted block of text (paragraph)
mlreportgen.dom.LineSpacingSpacing between lines of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading1Create Heading1 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading2Create Heading2 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading3Create Heading3 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading4Create Heading4 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading5Create Heading5 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading6Create Heading6 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.OutlineLevelLevel of paragraph in outline
mlreportgen.dom.FontFamilyFont family
mlreportgen.dom.FontSizeFont size
mlreportgen.dom.BoldBold for text object
mlreportgen.dom.ItalicItalic for text object
mlreportgen.dom.ColorColor of document element
mlreportgen.dom.StrikeStrike through text
mlreportgen.dom.UnderlineDraw line under text
mlreportgen.dom.HyphenationEnable hyphenation Create table reporter
mlreportgen.dom.TableCreate table
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTableFormal table
mlreportgen.dom.TableRowTable row
mlreportgen.dom.BorderBorder properties of object
mlreportgen.dom.TableEntryTable entry
mlreportgen.dom.TableHeaderTable header
mlreportgen.dom.TableBodyBody of formal table
mlreportgen.dom.TableFooterFormal table footer
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpecFormatting for one or more adjacent table columns
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpecGroupDefine style for group of table columns
mlreportgen.dom.TextOrientationOrientation of text in a table entry
mlreportgen.dom.ResizeToFitContentsAllow table to resize its columns
mlreportgen.dom.TableHeaderEntryEntry in table header
mlreportgen.dom.RepeatAsHeaderRowRepeat table row
mlreportgen.dom.RowHeightHeight of table row
mlreportgen.dom.AllowBreakAcrossPagesAllow row to straddle page break
mlreportgen.dom.BorderCollapseCollapse HTML table borders
mlreportgen.dom.ColSepDraw lines between table columns
mlreportgen.dom.RowSepDraw lines between table rows
mlreportgen.dom.OrderedListCreate ordered list
mlreportgen.dom.UnorderedListUnordered (bulleted) list
mlreportgen.dom.ListItemCreate item for ordered or unordered list
mlreportgen.dom.ListStyleTypeBullet or number style for HTML and PDF output
mlreportgen.dom.FirstLineIndentIndent first line of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.VerticalAlignVertical alignment of text
mlreportgen.dom.KeepLinesTogetherStart paragraph on new page if necessary
mlreportgen.dom.KeepWithNextKeep paragraph on same page as next
mlreportgen.dom.PageBreakCreate page break object
mlreportgen.dom.PageBreakBeforeStart paragraph on new page
mlreportgen.dom.WidowOrphanControlWidow and orphan handling
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentPartCreate a document part object
mlreportgen.dom.HAlignSpecify horizontal alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.VAlignVertical alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.HeightHeight of object
mlreportgen.dom.WidthObject width
mlreportgen.dom.ScaleToFitScale image to fit page or table entry
mlreportgen.dom.InnerMarginMargin between content and bounding box
mlreportgen.dom.OuterMarginMargin between bounding box and its surroundings
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXSubDocReference to external Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageFooterPage footer definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageHeaderPage header definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.NumPagesCreate placeholder for number of document pages
mlreportgen.dom.PageCreate page number placeholder
mlreportgen.dom.PageNumberFormat page numbers
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageLayoutPage format and layout for Microsoft Word document section
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageFooterPage footer definition for PDF document
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageHeaderPage header definition for PDF document
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageLayoutPage format and layout for PDF document section
mlreportgen.dom.AutoNumberAutomatically generated number
mlreportgen.dom.AutoNumberStreamNumbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.CounterIncNumber stream counter incrementers
mlreportgen.dom.CounterResetReset numbering stream counters
mlreportgen.dom.DisplayDisplay option for DOM objects
mlreportgen.dom.HorizontalRuleHorizontal line between report content
mlreportgen.dom.BorderBorder properties of object
mlreportgen.dom.WhiteSpaceWhite space type
mlreportgen.dom.CharEntityCreate character entity reference
mlreportgen.dom.BackgroundColorBackground color of document element
mlreportgen.dom.WatermarkAdd watermark to pages in sections of PDF reports
mlreportgen.dom.FlowDirectionDirection of text or table column flow
mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLinkHyperlink to a location outside of document
mlreportgen.dom.InternalLinkHyperlink to a location in same document
mlreportgen.dom.LinkTargetTarget for internal or external links or image area links reporter image reporter
mlreportgen.dom.ImageCreate image to include in report
mlreportgen.dom.ImageAreaDefine image area as hyperlink
mlreportgen.dom.ImageMapMap of hyperlink areas in image reporter
mlreportgen.dom.CustomAttributeCustom element attribute
mlreportgen.dom.CustomElementCustom element of document
mlreportgen.dom.CustomTextPlain text appended to custom element
mlreportgen.dom.PageRawFormatXML markup for array of Microsoft Word formats
mlreportgen.dom.RawTextWord XML or HTML markup to insert in document
mlreportgen.dom.TemplateCreate report template object for Word or HTML
mlreportgen.dom.CSSPropertiesArray of CSS properties for formatting HTML output
mlreportgen.dom.CSSPropertyCSS property object for formatting HTML output
mlreportgen.dom.FOPropertiesArray of FO properties for formatting PDF output
mlreportgen.dom.FOPropertyFO property for PDF output


Create and Format Text

You can create text by appending a character vector to a document, paragraph, table entry, or list item.

Create and Format Paragraphs

You can create a paragraph by using an mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph constructor with a character vector.

Create and Format Lists

You can add two kinds of lists to a report:

Create and Format Tables

You can use the DOM API to create two types of tables that differ in structure.

Create Links

You can add these kinds of links to a report:

Create and Format Images

To create an image to a report, create an mlreportgen.dom.Image object.

Create Image Maps

In an HTML or PDF report, you can specify areas of an image as links.

Automatically Number Document Content

You can automatically number document content, such as chapter, section, table, and figure headings.

Create a Table of Contents

You can create a table of contents in your report program or you can use a template to define the TOC.

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