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Create DOM Reports from HTML

Append HTML string or file to a Microsoft® Word, PDF, or HTML report generated by the Document Object Model (DOM) API


mlreportgen.dom.Document.addHTMLAppend HTML string to document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.addHTMLFileAppend HTML file contents to document
mlreportgen.dom.HTML.appendAppend HTML string to HTML object
mlreportgen.dom.HTML.cloneCopy HTML object
mlreportgen.dom.HTMLFile.appendAppend HTML to HTMLFile object


mlreportgen.dom.HTMLUse HTML markup to create DOM document
mlreportgen.dom.HTMLFileConvert an HTML file to a DOM document
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentDocument container
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentPartCreate a document part object
mlreportgen.dom.DisplayDisplay option for DOM objects
mlreportgen.dom.CSSPropertiesArray of CSS properties for formatting HTML output
mlreportgen.dom.CSSPropertyCSS property object for formatting HTML output
mlreportgen.dom.FOPropertiesArray of FO properties for formatting PDF output
mlreportgen.dom.FOPropertyFO property for PDF output

Examples and How To

Append HTML Content to DOM Reports

You can append strings of HTML content to a DOM document or document part using either of these approaches:

Append HTML File Contents to DOM Reports

You can append HTML files to a DOM document or document part using either of these approaches:

Use an HTML Cleanup Program

You can use an HTML cleanup program such as HTML Tidy to fix many issues and to identify issues you need to address manually.


Appending HTML to DOM Reports

You can append HTML markup or the entire contents of an HTML file to a programmatic report written with the DOM API.

HTML Code Requirements for DOM Reports

The HTML content that you append to a DOM report must be XML parsable.

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