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Format Page Layouts

Format pages in Microsoft® Word and PDF reports

Classes Page layout of report Layout for reporter
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageLayoutPage format and layout for Microsoft Word document section
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageFooterPage footer definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageHeaderPage header definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageLayoutPage format and layout for PDF document section
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageFooterPage footer definition for PDF document
mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageHeaderPage header definition for PDF document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXSubDocReference to external Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.PageSizeSize and orientation of pages in Microsoft Word and PDF documents
mlreportgen.dom.PageMarginsPage margins for Microsoft Word and PDF page layout
mlreportgen.dom.NumPagesCreate placeholder for number of document pages
mlreportgen.dom.PageCreate page number placeholder
mlreportgen.dom.PageNumberFormat page numbers
mlreportgen.dom.StyleRefPlaceholder for reference to content with specified style name or outline level


Create Page Layout Sections

You can divide a Word or PDF document into sections, each with its own page layout.

Create Page Footers and Headers

You can create page headers and page footers in Word and PDF reports.

Add Complex Page Numbers in Microsoft Word

Add complex page numbers in Word reports

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