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Getting Started with MATLAB Report Generator


Create a MATLAB Report

Describes MATLAB® Report Generator™ software tasks you perform in this tutorial

Create a Report Setup File

How to create a report setup file and specify options for the format and appearance of the generated report

Add Report Content Using Components

How to build a report by adding components to its setup file

Generate a Report

How to generate a report after defining its components

Reports for MATLAB Code

MATLAB Code and Results Presentation

You can use the MATLAB Report Generator to create reports for sharing your MATLAB code and presenting the results of the code.

Report Creation Workflow

View a summary of the workflow to create reports.

Working with the Report Explorer

Overview of the Report Explorer, the MATLAB Report Generator and Simulink® Report Generator graphical interface

Report Components

Components are MATLAB objects that specify the content of a report.

Compare XML Files

You can use MATLAB Report Generator software to compare a pair of XML text files.

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