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Layout Stylesheets

Define custom stylesheets for PDF, HTML, and Microsoft® Word reports

Stylesheets specify formatting and display settings for reports. The report-generation process uses stylesheets to convert reports from DocBook XML format to a format that you specify. To generate the given report in a different format than initially specified, convert the XML document using a different or modified stylesheet. For details, see Stylesheets.

Examples and How To

Create a New Stylesheet

To create a stylesheet:

Edit a Stylesheet

To edit a stylesheet:

Save a Stylesheet

You must save a stylesheet before you can use it to convert a source file or associate it with a report.

Delete a Stylesheet

To use the Report Explorer to delete a stylesheet that you created:

Edit Stylesheet Data Items

How to customize styles by editing data items

Stylesheet Cells for Headers and Footers

How to use stylesheet cells to manage headers and footers in reports

Customized Stylesheets

Examples of how to modify stylesheets to change the appearance and formats of generated reports

Configure PDF Fonts

For PDF output, MATLAB® Report Generator™ comes configured with default fonts: a serif, a sans serif, and dingbats.



Specify report output formats using default and customized stylesheets

Data Item Categories in Built-In Stylesheets

Lists editable data items, or styles, for stylesheets provided with the MATLAB Report Generator software

Report Output Format

Under Report Output Type and Style Sheets, from the File format list, select the report output format.

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