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Property Table Components

Display tables with property name/property value pairs for objects

Report Generator Components

MATLAB Property Table Insert table that includes MATLAB object property name/property value pairs
Handle Graphics Property Table Insert table that reports on property name/property value pairs

Examples and How To

Select Object Types

Property table components offer multiple object types on which to report.

Display Property Name/Property Value Pairs

In the Properties pane for the Handle Graphics® Property Table component, clear the Split property/value cells check box.

Edit Table Titles

Table titles can contain properties and text.

Enter Text into Table Cells

For the text to be visible, the table must be in nonsplit mode.

Add, Replace, and Delete Properties in Tables

To add a Handle Graphics property to a table, use the following steps.

Format Table Columns, Rows, and Cells

To add or delete a column or row, select a cell and then click one of the buttons described in the following table.

Zoom and Scroll

You can zoom in and out of the table with the zoom buttons, which are located to the left of the horizontal scroll bar.

Select a Table

To display property name/property value pairs, you can select a preset table or use a custom table.


About Property Table Components

Property Table components display property name/property value pairs for objects in tables.

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