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Report Format Basics

Specify formatting for report content

You can specify formatting programmatically and by using Microsoft® Word, PDF, and HTML template formatting styles. See Report Formatting Approaches.

Functions report template
mlreportgen.dom.Document.createTemplateCreate DOM template file
mlreportgen.dom.Container.cloneCopy container object
mlreportgen.dom.Container.appendAppend DOM object to container

Classes Superclass for report creation Page layout of report Layout for reporter
mlreportgen.dom.ContainerContainer of document objects

Examples and How To

Use Style Sheet Styles

A style is a collection of formats that define the appearance of a document object, such as a paragraph, table, or list.

Create Object Containers

You can use an mlreportgen.dom.Container object to create an HTML container object, such as a div, section, or article, not otherwise supported by the DOM API and to simulate HTML format inheritance in Word output.


Report Formatting Approaches

You can format your report using style sheets, format objects, format properties, or any combination of these approaches.

Format Inheritance

The DOM API allows you to use template-based styles and format object-based styles (or equivalent format properties) to specify the appearance of an object.

Templates for DOM API Report Programs

Templates that provide default formatting for DOM API reports

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