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Format Reports

Specify default report style and format for Report Explorer reports

Control the layout and formatting of a report with:

  • The output format that you select for report generation. For details, see Report Output Format.

  • Component properties that specify formatting details for a specific instance of a component. For details, see the help for each component.


rptconvert Convert DocBook XML files into supported document formats

Report Generator Components

Table Insert parent of table
MATLAB Property Table Insert table that includes MATLAB object property name/property value pairs
Handle Graphics Summary Table Insert table that summarizes Handle Graphics object properties

Examples and How To

Generate a Report Using a Template

In Report Explorer, in the outline pane, select the top-level component of the report.

Customize Microsoft Word Report Styles

Customize or add styles in a Word conversion template.

Customize Microsoft Word Part Templates

Modify subforms or create your own.

Customize a Microsoft Word Title Page Template

This example shows how to customize a template in Word.

Create a Custom HTML or PDF Template

Use Report Explorer to copy and edit your template.


Report Conversion Templates

If you select a from template file format for output, the Report Generator uses an appropriate template to convert the XML content to the final format.

PDF Stylesheets

PDF Stylesheet

Web Stylesheets

Web Stylesheet

RTF (DSSSL Print) and Word Stylesheets

RTF or Word Stylesheet

Component Formatting

When you generate a report, in the Report Options dialog box, in the File format field you specify the type of report output you want.

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