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Create Form-Based Reports

Use the Report and DOM API to fill in the blanks in a report form


mlreportgen.dom.Document.moveToNextHoleMove document append point to next template hole

Classes Superclass for report creation Inline content hole reporter
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentDocument container
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentPartCreate a document part object
mlreportgen.dom.TemplateCreate report template object for Word or HTML

Examples and How To

Fill the Blanks in a Report Form

When you create a form template, you associate an ID with each hole in the template.

Use Subforms in a Report

A document part is a form that you can add to a document or to another document part.

Create a Microsoft Word Document Part Template Library

A document part template library is a set of document part templates stored by name in a template file.


Form-Based Reporting

The DOM API supports a form-based approach to report generation.

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