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Report Setup

Create a report setup file to include components that define report structure and content

A report setup is a set of MATLAB® objects (called components) that specifies the content and structure of a report. To create and edit a report setup, use the Report Explorer setup editor. You generate a report from a setup file. For details, see Report Setups.


Report ExplorerDesign and generate reports on MATLAB applications


rptlistRetrieve list of all report setup files in MATLAB path
seteditStart Report Explorer
rptrebuildcacheRebuild Report Explorer template cache
rptrebuildregistryRebuild Report Explorer style sheet registry

Report Generator Components

Nest Setup FileAllow one report setup file (rpt file) to run inside another
Evaluate MATLAB ExpressionEvaluate specified MATLAB expression
CommentInsert comment into XML source file created by report generation process


Create a New Setup File

Create a new setup file either interactively from the Report Explorer or programmatically.

Open a Report Setup

To make changes to a saved report setup, you must open its setup file.

Close a Report Setup

Closing a setup removes the setup from the Report Explorer and from memory.

Save a Report Setup

In the Report Explorer, in the Outline pane, select the setup root node.

Load Report Setup into MATLAB Workspace

To load a setup into the MATLAB workspace without loading it into the Report Explorer, use the rptgen.loadRpt function.

Generate MATLAB Code from Report Setup File

How to generate M-code versions of report setup files

Report Setups

A report setup is a set of MATLAB objects, called components, that specifies the content and form of a report.

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