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MATLAB Report Generator Report Generator Components

Alphabetical List By Category
Array-Based Table Convert rectangular array into table and insert it into report
Axes Loop Run child components for all axes objects in MATLAB workspace
Axes Snapshot Insert image of selected MATLAB axes objects into the generated report
Chapter/Subsection Group portions of report into sections with titles
Code Insert text formatted as code in a paragraph
Comment Insert comment into XML source file created by report generation process
DOCX Page Layout Page layout in a Word report
Empty Component Group components to move, activate, or deactivate them, or create blank space in list
Evaluate MATLAB Expression Evaluate specified MATLAB expression
Figure Loop Apply child components to specified graphics figures
Figure Snapshot Insert snapshot of Handle Graphics figure into report
For Loop Iteratively execute child components
Graphics Object Loop Run child components for each Handle Graphics object open in MATLAB workspace
Handle Graphics Linking Anchor Designate location to which links point
Handle Graphics Name Insert name of Handle Graphics object into the report
Handle Graphics Parameter Insert property name/property value pair from Handle Graphics figure, axes, or other object
Handle Graphics Property Table Insert table that reports on property name/property value pairs
Handle Graphics Summary Table Insert table that summarizes Handle Graphics object properties
HTML Text Insert HTML-formatted text into reports generated from a template
Image Insert image from external file into report
Import File Import ASCII text file into report
Insert Variable Insert variable values into report
Line Break Insert a line break
Link Insert linking anchors or pointers into report
List Create bulleted or numbered list from cell array or child components
Logical Else Specify an else condition for a Logical If component
Logical Elseif Specify an elseif condition for a Logical If component
Logical If Specify logical if condition
Logical Then Specify a then condition for a Logical If component
MATLAB Property Table Insert table that includes MATLAB object property name/property value pairs
MATLAB/Toolbox Version Number Insert table that shows version and release numbers and release date of MathWorks products
Nest Setup File Allow one report setup file (rpt file) to run inside another
Page Break Insert a page break
Page Footer Page footer in a form-based PDF or Word report
Page Header Insert a page header in a form-based report
Paragraph Insert paragraph text into report
PDF Page Layout Page layout in a PDF report
Preformatted Insert preformatted paragraph
Stop Report Generation Halt report generation
Subform Create a subform
Table Insert parent of table
Table Body Insert parent of table body
Table Column Specification Specify table column properties
Table Entry Insert table entry
Table Footer Insert parent of table footer
Table Header Insert parent of table header
Table Row Insert parent of table row entries
Template Hole Fills a hole in a forms-based report
Text Format and insert text into report
Time/Date Stamp Insert time and date of report generation into report
Title Page Insert title page at beginning of report
Variable Table Insert table that displays all the variables in the MATLAB workspace
While Loop Iteratively execute child components while a specified condition is true
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