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Built-In Versus Custom Stylesheets

Stylesheets specify formatting and display settings for reports. The report-generation process uses stylesheets to convert reports from DocBook XML format to a format that you specify. If you want to generate the given report in a different format than initially specified, you can convert the XML document using a different or modified stylesheet.

The following table lists report output formats and their default stylesheets.

Report FormatDefault Stylesheet
HTMLUses stylesheets for either single- or multiple-page documents
PDFFormatting Object (FO) stylesheet
RTF, WordDocument Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL) stylesheet

The following table shows a list of properties for the built-in stylesheets.

Properties of Stylesheets

Description A description of the stylesheet.
Display nameThe stylesheet name that appears in the Options pane.
Transform typeThe process used to generate reports that use a specified stylesheet. Supported types are:
  • HTML

  • FO (Formatting Object) for PDF reports

  • DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) for RTF and Word reports

    Note:   This field is not editable.

In most cases, the stylesheets provided with the MATLAB® Report Generator™ software should be more than adequate for your needs. However, you may want to modify the built-in stylesheets to meet special requirements. For example, suppose one of the built-in stylesheets meets your requirements, but you want to change the page orientation. You can create a custom stylesheet by editing the built-in stylesheet to your specifications.

Customize Stylesheets Using Data Items

Each built-in stylesheet includes editable styles, also called data items, organized in categories. These data items specify styles that the file converter uses for a given report. You can edit these data items to customize stylesheets for your reports.

Data items can be of different types, some of which require different editing methods. For more information about editing data items, see Edit Stylesheet Data Items.

    Tip   See the Help area at the bottom of the Properties pane on the right for a description of a specific data item that you are editing.

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