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Create a New Setup File

Create a new setup file either interactively from the Report Explorer or programmatically.

Create Setup File Using the Report Explorer

  1. If the Report Explorer is not already open, from the MATLAB® Toolstrip, in the Apps tab, in the Database Connectivity and Reporting section, click Report Generator.

  2. In the Report Explorer, use one of these approaches:

    • Select File > New.

    • On the Report Explorer toolbar, click the new template button.

The Outline pane displays a new setup named Unnamed, as a child of the Report Generator node.

Create Setup File Programmatically

To create a setup file programmatically (from the MATLAB command line), use the setedit command. For example, assuming a setup named myreport does not already exist in the current directory, use the following command:

setedit myreport.rpt

Working with Setup Files

For details about performing operations on report setup files, see:

Report Description

To record notes and comments about your report setup, use the Report Description field. This text that you enter appears in the Properties pane when you select a report setup file in the Outline pane.

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