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MATLAB Report Generator APIs

MATLAB® Report Generator™ provides two report generation APIs: the DOM API and the Report API, which is based on the DOM API. You can use the DOM API alone to create any type of report. However, the DOM API comprises only basic document objects, such as text, paragraphs, tables, images, and lists. As a result, using it alone requires many lines of code to generate a typical report.

The Report API, by contrast, contains complex document objects, such as title page, table of contents, chapter, and figure objects, that do the work of dozens of lines of code based on DOM objects. As a result, the Report API greatly reduces the amount of code needed to generate reports. As with the DOM API, you can add content to your report in the form of built-in MATLAB objects, such as strings, number and character arrays, and cell arrays. The Report API converts these to DOM objects before adding them to your report. You can also use text, paragraph and other DOM objects directly to format the content that you add to your report.

API Object Help and Documentation

For a list of the Report API objects, enter this command at the MATLAB prompt.


For a list of the DOM API objects, enter

help mlreportgen.dom

To get help for a specific object or method, use a help command.


For a complete list of the classes and functions in both the Report and DOM APIs in the MATLAB Report Generator documentation, open the Functions and Other Reference page.

To see the documentation reference page for an object, search in documentation or in MATLAB use a doc command.


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