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Generate a Report

Run a Report

You can generate a MATLAB® Report Generator™ report using one of these methods:

  • In the Report Explorer Outline pane, select a report and do one of these actions:

    • In the Report Explorer toolbar, click the Report button .

    • Press CTRL+R.

    • Select File > Report.

  • From the MATLAB command line, enter the report command. For example, to print the system1_description report in PDF format, enter:

    report system1_description -fpdf 

Report Output Options

Before you generate a report, you can set options to control aspects of report generation processing such as:

  • Output file format (HTML, Microsoft® Word, or PDF)

  • Style sheet or templates for the selected output file format, to control the layout of the report

  • Output file location

  • Whether to view the report after it is generated

For details, see:

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