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Graphics Object Loop

Run child components for each Handle Graphics object open in MATLAB workspace


This component runs its child components for each Handle Graphics® object that is currently open in the MATLAB® workspace. The component inserts a table into the generated report.

Select Objects

  • Exclude GUI objects (uicontrol, uimenu, ...): Excludes graphical interface objects, such as uicontrol and uimenu, from the loop.

  • Loop list: Specifies the loop level for Handle Graphics objects:

    • Loop on objects with handle visibility "on"

    • Loop on all objects

    • Search for: Allows you to enter space-delimited search terms.

Section Options

  • Create section for each object in loop: Inserts a section in the generated report for each object found in the loop.

  • Display the object type in the section title: Inserts the object type automatically into the section title in the generated report.

  • Create link anchor for each object in loop: Create a link target on each object in the loop so that other parts of the report can link to it.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, inserts a section if you select the Create section for each object in loop option.



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