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Handle Graphics Name

Insert name of Handle Graphics object into the report


This component inserts the name of a Handle Graphics® object as text into the report. You can use this component to create a section title based on the current figure by making it the first child component of a Chapter/Subsection component, and then selecting the Chapter/Subsection component's Get title from first child component option.


  • Display name as:

    • Type Name

    • Type –Name

    • Type: Name

  • Show name of current:

    • Figure: Shows the name of the current figure. The first nonempty figure parameter determines the name.

    • Axes: Shows the name of the current axes. The first nonempty axes parameter determines the name.

    • Other Object: Sets the name of the current object to the figure's CurrentObject parameter and its first nonempty parameter.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Text.



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