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Insert HTML-formatted text into reports generated from a template


This component inserts text formatted with HTML markup into the report. You can use this component only if you set the report’s File format to one of the from template options, such as Direct PDF (from template). The HTML Text component can have the Chapter/Subsection component or the report as its parent.

For Word or PDF report output, the text is converted to Word or PDF and formatted according to the HTML markup. You can enter the HTML text directly in the component or specify a file or workspace variable that contains the text.

HTML Text Options

  • HTML source: Specifies the source of the HTML text.

  • HTML string: If you select String as the HTML source, enter the HTML text in the text box.

  • File name: If you select File as the HTML source, specify the .htm or .html file that contains the HTML text. Click the file browser button to select a file from a folder.

  • Workspace variable name: If you select Workspace variable as the HTML source, specify the name of the variable that contains the HTML text.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Text formatted according to the HTML markup.



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