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Insert Variable

Insert variable values into report


This component inserts the value (and, optionally, the name) of each the following variables into the report:

  • A variable from the MATLAB® workspace

  • A variable from a MAT-file

  • A global variable

  • A variable that you specify directly


  • Variable name: Specifies the name of the variable:

    • %<VariableName>: Inserts the value of a variable from the MATLAB workspace into the report.

  • Variable location:

    • Base Workspace: Gets a variable from the MATLAB workspace.

    • MAT File: Gets a variable from a binary file with a .mat extension.

    • Global variable: Gets a global variable.

    • Direct: Gets a variable that you specify directly.

Display Options

  • Title: Specify a title for the report:

    • Automatic: Generates a title automatically.

    • Custom: Specifies a custom title.

    • None: Specifies no title.

  • Array size limit: Limits the width of the display in the generated report. Units are in pixels. The size limit for a given table is the hypotenuse of the table width and height [sqrt(w^2+h^2)]. The size limit for text is the number of characters squared. If you exceed the size limit, the variable appears in condensed form, such as [64x64 double]. Setting a size limit of 0 displays the variable in full, regardless of its size.

  • Object depth limit: Specifies the maximum number of nesting levels to report on for a variable value

  • Object count limit: Specifies the maximum number of nested objects to report on for a variable value

  • Display as: Choose a display style from the menu:

    • Table: Displays as a table.

    • Paragraph: Displays as a paragraph.

    • Inline text: Displays inline with the surrounding text.

    • Table or paragraph depending on data type: Displays as a table or paragraph.

  • Show variable type in headings: Show data type of this variable in the title of its report.

  • Show variable table grids: Show grid lines for the table used to report the value of this variable.

  • Make variable table page wide: Make the variable table as wide as the page on which the table appears.

  • Omit if value is empty: Exclude empty parameters from the generated report.

  • Omit if property default value: Exclude object property from the report if that property uses the default value.

Insert Anything into Report?

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